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Brands you should know about if you have big boobs

Updated: May 17, 2021

Fuller Bust Wardrobe was created to take away the stress of shopping across multiple sites to try and find something that works. Through our research we have come across so many brands that were created specifically with the fuller busted babes in mind! We have curated a list of brands (below) you really need to know about if you’re above a D cup.

The Luxe Nude is distinctly designed to encourage women in expressing their inner sexiness and confidence. Their products are designed to make every woman feel like their second skin once worn. Every garment is individually designed with comfort in mind using a variety of fabric types ranging from soft mesh, stretch lace and custom elastics to encourage appreciation of your natural shape.

Vanessence’s sole objective is to innovate classic designs, making it not only practical and supportive but also fashionable for fuller bust women.With styles and sizes ranging from D to K cup and everything in between. Vanessence is all about embracing your natural beauty with designs both classic and groundbreaking. Constantly defying the odds of gravity is their thing.

Jeuje’s purpose is to create colourful clothing that is tailored for our curvy body shapes with their unique sizing. Allowing women to show off their true waistline with sufficient room up top for those boobs of ours which we all know come in different shapes and sizes. All their designs are created by curves for curves, allowing sufficient coverage whilst showing off your beautiful shape. Women no longer have to wear dresses 2x bigger just to fit their breasts.

Taideux’s mission is to make fashion more inclusive for fuller bust women by providing stylish, well fitting, sustainably made tops, dresses and more. Each piece is designed to allow for the option of wearing a bra comfortably. With their unique sizes, you deserve to shop without having to worry about sizing up or spending extra money tailoring your clothes. They want to empower and encourage you, as a fuller bust woman, to love the skin you're in and feel confident in the clothes you wear.

Exclusively Kristen shirts and tops are uniquely designed to fit and flatter buxom bust lines, with precise proportions and fabrics that provide stretch and eliminate pulling and gaping. Designed with the professional woman in mind, Exclusively Kristen apparel transitions from the workplace to the social hour. Always chic, always appropriate, their designs allow the wearer to feel confident, classy and well-dressed for any occasion. Their button up top has perfect button spacing and the exact right amount of stretch. Unlike the typical button down shirt, Exclusively Kristen provides a little extra room in the bust, so no pulling. Finally!

Miss Chii is crafted by hand in the UK using the finest silk and premium French lace, bringing about the perfect fusion of comfort and charm. Nothing has been spared when it comes to creating a range of lingerie that inspires you to be the woman you are. Miss Chii is pure passion woven into a range of luxury lingerie that feels as wonderful to wear as it looks. The French lace is woven carefully from a blend of cotton, silk and viscose, producing intricate and original designs. Expert tailors then carefully assemble each garment.

The BooBuddy breast support band is a unique, fitness band that sits on your breasts during workouts. It has been designed using scientific research to provide increased support for active women. With an adjustable strap the band can work as an additional support to a sports bra or its own. This breast support band will dramatically reduce vertical and lateral breast movement. Perfect for all activities.

Our very own boob tape designed for confidence and security. No matter the weather, it’s 100% waterproof and breathable. Use this boob tape to feel and look sexy in your deep plunge necklines, strapless or braless outfit. Our boob tape gives instant lift, flatten, boost and creates cleavage for bra-free support. Works for any bust size, including fuller bust women. These strips are perfect for lifting your boobs discreetly under your favourite dresses. Supporting boobs up to K cups!

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