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Big boob loving

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Unlike Valentines your boobs are with you all year round. So today and everyday love them for making you you; beautiful, fearless and amazing.

Here's some words from some fuller bust babes highlighting what they love about there boobs. Hope it can serve you with some inspo.

I love my boobs! I love how comfy they are and they mean I give the best hugs. I love that when I lie down I can use them as a neck pillow, I love that no matter how cold it is outside they are always warm in-between and make a great hand warmer. I love that my bra makes an extra purse and my boobs can conceal a bottle of gin on night out emergencies n work as a cup holder in a pinch. I love how they make a great shelf for my cat and soften the blow if I hit the ground when I play sports. I love how they complete an outfit and can make me feel sexy, and hide my body from my view on days I'm not loving it as I should. I love all the little joys of how they are so much more than their look! @positiveleykatiee

What I love most about my boobs is that they can be dressed up or down! Hidden or sometimes seen (very rarely 😜) I like that my size is somewhat unique - now I know a few goddesses who share the same size 😊. I also love that my boobs are full and voluptuous. I embrace and love them more everyday 💜🤗💜 😚 @black_phoenix88

I love my boobs because they belong to me! But also because of what they represent to me, and how by having a fuller bust it gives me the strength to take my power back. My boobs also represent that any shame I’ve ever felt about them has everything to do with other peoples projections of what boobs are and what they’re purpose is. They’re big they’re sexy they’re sassy and they’re part of me (but not the best part!) and that’s not a bad thing ❤️ @ohmygoshitsjackie

I love how they've made me more aware of the problems of inclusivity in fashion @justine_natalia

When little me was scared, I would place my hand on my grandmother's bust, the part that spilled out at the left top of her corsetry. Feeling her warmth, her calm confidence, the softness of her skin and beating of her heart made me feel protected. Getting to know my brasize and dressing for my bodyshape not too long ago, made me realise that I have spilling at the exact same place. Can't get any better than realizing that. That's why I say my boobs are the secret ingredient to my warm hugs. @theseasonedside

Hmmm what I love about my boobs. Everything! I love their shape, the fact they’re always warm, all the different shades of brown. They are a celebration of womanhood, ever changing but showing beauty in every evolution x @hang_or_hammock

Drop a comment below sharing which big boob love you related or and/or share what you love most about yours!

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