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Fuller Bust Wardrobe is a marketplace connecting fuller busted women with brands.

A new world where you can finally have stress free shopping. We make the shopping experience more enjoyable for the fuller busted woman by having all brands that clothe her under one roof. It’s about time, fuller busted women have their own space that understands and acknowledges their unique needs. No more google searches, and going from one website to another, or ordering so many dresses from a high street shop just to return them as they don’t fit your bust. Fuller busted women no longer need to compromise. Fuller Bust Wardrobe is the one stop shop for you.

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We are on a mission to provide comfort, confidence and choices for the fuller busted woman. We want to change the game for women through community and retail. We are connecting our customers to brands that fit them. We know that online shopping brings convenience but are also passionate about making offline connections with our Fuller Busted women and brands. Well fitted, stylish clothing and lingerie should be worn seven days a week, and women of all sizes should also have access to sportswear and accessories that fit their form well. We want to empower women to embrace their femininity and celebrate their form. Wearing beautiful garments is a form of self care, a way to feel great and look amazing for yourself.

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Dressing in frumpy clothes because that’s what fits, not feeling comfortable or confident because your breasts are always getting in the way… and the list goes on. Our founder knows how frustrating it can be so wants to make things easier for you by curating all the brands that work for the fuller busted babes under one roof. Jewelz is you, you are Jewelz. As the story goes, growing up with a bigger bust than average was a struggle. Constantly ordering dresses and tops only to return them because they didn’t fit, the frustration that other blessed women can relate with. This brand was created as a community and platform for women who can relate to the struggles of being left behind by mainstream fashion brands and the high street.  Other than creating this brand, Jewelz loves to talk and meet new people so if you ever have a suggestion, question or just want a chat feel free to drop a message.

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